ISNIE 2018 Engineering Summer School

Shielding and Vacuum systems

The 2018 engineering Summer School was held on the 20th September, directly following the DENIM conference hosted @ PSI, (Switzerland).

Section Intro
The course was intended to present an overview of all aspect of the design, engineering and construction of Biological shielding and vacuum systems at both reactor or spallation sources.

Course team
Alain Mennele (LLB)
Uwe Filges (PSI)
Marcello Juni Ferreira (ESS)
Lothar (PSI)
Iain Sutton (ESS)

Local organiser:
Summer School organiser: Sylvain Desert
Course coordinator: Iain Sutton

Part I, Shielding
High Energy Shielding
Neutron Shielding
Part II, Vacuum Systems
Vacuum course Intro
Vacuum technology
Marcello Juni Ferreira
Rough Estimation of the Necessary Pumping Time for a Vacuum Vessel