Are you interested in becoming a member? then you are in the right place.

Membership of the International Society of Neutron Instrument Engineers is free and open to any person currently employed at a neutron scattering research facility and/or involved in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of neutron scattering instruments and infrastructure.

If you do what we do and believe what we believe about collegial collaboration then you’re welcome to participate in the active life of an engineering community of practice.

MEMBERSHIP Appications are temporarily closed. They will be opening back up again soon.

ISNIE Officers


Scott Olsen (ANSTO),
Sylvain Désert (CEA),
Iain Sutton (ESS),
Elbio Calzada (FRM II),
Van Graves (ORNL),

ISNIE Board Members

The society is directed by a board composed of members representing the facilities supporting it.

Name / Facility

Scott Olson ANSTO
Alex Szakál BNC
Ping Wang CSNS
Michel Thijs Delft
Sylvain Désert LLB
Dan Adler NIST
Nancy Hadad NIST
Donald Pierce NIST
Peter Keller PSI
David Anderson ORNL
Van Graves ORNL
Amy Jones ORNL
Iain Sutton ESS
Elbio Calzada FRM II
Will Halcrow  ISIS
Peter Galsworthy ISIS
Kevin Jones ISIS
Wataru Kambara J-PARC
Takayuki Oku J-PARC
Mihaly Pap FZ-Jülich
Guido Vehres FZ-Jülich