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The International Society of Neutron Instrument Engineers (ISNIE) is a community of practice which brings together technical, scientific and administrative personnel involved in the design, operation or support of neutron scattering instruments and/or infrastructure.

It is a global community linked by a passion for what we do, and a belief that we all benefit from sharing our knowledge and in doing so learning together.The Society was created in 2017 as a platform for supporting collaborative activities within the community and for communicating our passion with the outside world.

The societies membership is upwards of 200 drawn from more than 21 science facilities and support organizations around the globe.

ISNIE activities

the society organises a number of events within the community;
– The annual Engineering workshop DENIM (Design and Engineering of Neutron Instruments Meeting), held of 3days covering the full range of aspects of instrument and infractructure design, engineering, project management and operation.
– The annual Neutron instrument engineering summer school,ISNIE Engineering Summer School held of one or two days at host facilities and offering a short crash courses on specific engineering or operational topics delivered by some of the communities top experts

– A standing ISNIE expert panel, composed of some of the communities most knowledgeable members, available to requesting facilities to conduct engineering reviews.
And finally this community website, our platform for communication, our base for collaboration between members and continued knowledge sharing throughout the year.

Membership of the society is free, and open all personnel working at neutron scattering or research facilities anywhere in the world.
Please take a look around and if you like what you see consider following the link Membership and signing up.


Cancellation of DENIM in 2020
Dear ISNIE members,
Due to organizational difficulties resulting from the situation concerning the Coronavirus, a vote has been taken by the ISNIE Board to postpone the DENIM IX engineering workshop, hosted by J-PARC, and all subsequent approved DENIM conferences.
As a result the schedule for the coming events reads:
J-PARC: DENIM IX Sept 2021
J├╝lich: DENIM XI Sept 2023

Complimentary information will be made available shortly in the next ISNIE newsletter .
In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe, and keep in touch. Your questions are welcome, either via your local ISNIE facility representatives or directly through the contact link on the ISNIE website


Useful links

DENIM Archives
the archives collect presentations from past meetings are available for veiwing or download along with select photos and notes provided my members.
ISNIE Engineering Summer School
Material concerning the topical ISNIE Engineering Summer Schools may be found here

If you have an question for the community on any aspect of facility engineering, construction, operation or management then you might consider taking a look in the communities Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page
Frequently asked questions

Or ask it here on the communities forum

Opportunities for employment at neutron scattering facilities may be found here;
Facility Job Postings


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