ISNIE Engineering Summer School


The ISNIE Engineering summer School is a 1-day course held as a satellite to the DENIM meeting.

The aim of this day is to provide a general overview of a technical topic related to neutron instruments engineering (vacuum, guides, shielding, etc.) to engineers new to the field in question, or those engineers simply seeking to broaden their knowledge.

Beyond the purely learning aspects, the collegial format and collegial style of Summer School is intended to facilitate informal contact between the experienced and less experienced members of the community, breaking the ice and building bridges between facilities and generations.

All courses are prepared by small groups of experienced volunteer engineers from different facilities and backgrounds within the community, with the express objective of bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the discussion.

The topic of courses is selected based on a votes from ISNIE members. In principal, courses could be commissioned by any interested facilities to be held at that facility for training purposes.

Summer School Organizer: Sylvain Desert
Course coordinator : Iain Sutton