What is Borated Aluminium ?

Borated aluminiums are range of products which incorporate boron within an alumninium matrix for the purposes of neutron shielding. Boron may be present in the material as an alloying element, as fine particles spread homogeneously throughout the metal or as a boron rich layer sandwiched between a metal skin.

What is it used for
Applications which require components to fulfill both structural and neutron shielding functions or require physically robust neutron shielding
Where can i procure it
– 3M / Ceradyne will still sell Borated aluminum
– MAXUS with 10B, at Nikkeikin (who makes MAXUS)
– AluBor from S-DH

What are the specific issues to be aware of ?
Boron content varied between products which effects shielding properties greatly. Some products employ natural boron ie both isotopes which is less effective at shielding than products enriched with Boron 10
The formability, machinability and weldability of products is varied and often problematic

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