Keynote – Cooperation and Collaboration – Steve Wakefield (ISIS)

The Endeavour Programme of New Instrument Builds at ISIS – Philip King (ISIS)

STS Beam Transport Shielding Concept – Danielle Wilson (STS)

Testing the Efficiency of a Superconducting Neutron Detector Using Non-neutron-based Methods – Mette Bybjerg Brock (DTU Energy)

How do we Manage the Competing Priorities and Manage Resources During an ISIS Long Shutdown – Erik Johnson (ISIS)

An STS Fail-safe Operations Shutter with Multi-purpose Potential – Rudolf Thermer (STS)

Different Shielding Options by Mirrotron – Zsolt Ludanyi (Mirrotron)

NILE New Facility: Fast Neutron Irradiation of Electronics – Paula Luna (ISIS)

Meca Robot Sample Changer – Mariano Ruiz (SNS)

ESS, NSS Common Electrical Project: A Systems Engineering Approach – Stuart Birch (ESS)

Vacuum Compatible Anger Camera – Greg Warren (STS)


Neutron Infrastructure Cradle to Grave – Design for High Reliability, Serviceability, Future Upgrades and Replacement – Scott Olsen (ANSTO)

To Collaborate is Human? – Iain Sutton (ESS)

SINQ Ongoing Instrument Upgrades – Peter Keller (PSI)

STS Preliminary Design Status 2022 – Van Graves (STS)

IMAT Detector Project – Francesco Zuddas (ISIS)

ESS Raceway Design and Cable Routing using AVEVA E3D – Tahere Rostami (ESS)

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management: New Methodology for Research Infrastructures – Tania Claudio Weber (FZJ)

Development of a 48-fold Sample Changer with Robot and Buffer System @ KWS-2 – Jos Daemen (FZJ)

ODIN: Optical and Diffraction Imaging with Neutrons at ESS – Elbio Calzada (FRM-II)

Chopper Failures at the SNS – Jerry Stockton (SNS)

Cold Source Replacement Project – Daniel Adler (NIST/NCNR)