DENIM 2018


Plenary Sessions

Welcome – Prof. Christof Niedermayer (PSI)

SINQ-Upgrade-Dr. Uwe Filges – PSI

Lessons (un)learned – Iain Sutton (ESS)

IAEA Neutron Beam Instrumentation Projects – Dr. SWAINSON Ian (International Atomic Energy Agency)

High Brilliance Neutron Source project – development of a hydrogen mixing cryostat – Dr. BAGGEMANN Johannes (JCNS HBS Forschungszentrum Jülich)

CAMEA – A novel multiplexing analyzer for neutron spectroscopy Graf Dieter (PSI)

CAMEA – A novel multiplexing analyzer for neutron spectroscopy – Dr. Frank Herzog (PSI)

DENIM 2018 Looking Back, DENIM 2019 Looking Forward – Anderson David

Parallel Sessions

5 tons, 5 Svh, 2 mm tolerance – Exchanging the Plug JMA16 at FRM II – CALZADA Elbio (TUM-FRM-II)(1)

The IMAT Camera Positioning Robot at ISIS – ELMER Jon (STFC – ISIS)

The FUG HCB 200kV Bipolar high voltage power supply for storage chamber in a nEDM experiment – Dr. Schmidt-Wellenburg, Philipp (PSI) ; Schmidt, Thomas (FuG)

The design of ASTOR A cold neutron imaging instrument for the future argentine multipurpose reactor RA-10 – Dr. TARTAGLIONE Aureliano (CONICET-LAHN)

Target development of the accelerator driven neutron source HBS – DOEGE Paul-Emmanuel (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Seismic Design and Neutron Instrument Shielding at SNS – THOMISON Jack (National Resource Management LLC SNS)

Robot System of the Selene Guide in ESS-ESTIA Instrument – Heimgartner Peter (PSI)

Radiation Hunting –Tools and techniques for – Scott Olsen (ANSTO)

Radiation hard motion control components – JURISIC Kristina (ESS)

Pressure Safety in Vacuum Systems – GRAVES Van (ORNL)

POWGEN T0 Baseplate Upgrade – A Lesson In Configuration Management – ANDERSON David (ORNL)

Power supplies – for special applications, in the change over times – DROLL Lothar (Kniel System-Electronic GmbH)

Online alignment survey for long components hidden under shielding – GAUTROT Sébastien (CEA-LLB)

Neutron field spectrometry at high energy neutron facility with extended range Bonner Sphere Spectrometer system – YAMADA Masako (PSI)

Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Measurement at SNS – RAMSEY John (ORNL)

Mu-PAD – 3D neutron polarimeter at LLB. – Dr. KLIMKO Sergey (CEA-LLB)

Motion Control Commissioning on the V20 Beamline @ HZB – Paul Barron (ESS)

Magnet simulations for polarised neutron instruments – THIJS Michel (TU DELFT)

How to relocate a Neutron Beam Instrument to the other side of the Globe – Part 2, Installation and Commissioning. – PULLEN Stewart (ANSTO – ACNS)

How to find radiation hard components – Gahl Thomas

First comissioning results from the ESS instrument control architecture applied to neutron scattering – Dr. TSAPATSARIS Nikolaos (ESS)

Design of a High-Speed Disc Chopper Test Rig – HICKS Ben (STFC)

Design and Performance of the Solid D2 Moderator System of the UCN Facility at PSI – Dr. Blau Bertrand (PSI)

Cryogenic System for the Ultra Cold Neutron Source (UCN source) at the FRM II. Part 1 Design, Performances and Unique Properties. – SCHILCHER Johann (TUM-FRM-II)

Cryogenic System for the Ultra Cold Neutron source (UCN source) at the FRM II Part 2 Main features, commissioning, operating, simulation and experience – Dr. BOCQUET Christian (TUM)

Control System Architecture of the JCNS Neutron Instruments – KLEINES Harald (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Chopper control system integration at ESS – QUINTANILLA Andrés (ESS)

An Open Source Software Package for ESS EtherCAT Motion Control Applications – SANDSTRÖM Anders (ESS)

Advances in the shielding design of the cold neutron imaging instrument ASTOR – BAZZANA Santiago (CNEA)

Advanced Sample Environment Design – An Example for SINQ instrument SANS-II A climate chamber with fast humidity and temperature response – HOLITZNER Lothar (PSI)(1)

A high temperature furnace for in-situ SANS and diffraction measurements on steel samples – VAN DER WAL Ernst (TU DELFT)(1)

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Mechanics for Positioning – Maag Stephan (PSI)

Knowledge sharing session summary – Sutton Iain (ESS)

Knowledge Sharing Session summary – Electronics for Positioning – Cox Stephen

X-ray optics and mechanical vibrations – Flechsig Uwe (PSI)

Practical example high precision positioning system – Herzig Martin (Kunz precision)

Motion Control at Photon Sources – Pradervand Claude (PSI)

Summer School