DENIM 2014

18-19 September 2014, Ismaning, Germany


Cold Guide installation and Guide Remediation – ANSTO – November 2012 Shutdown (Andrew Eltobaji, ANSTO)

CORELLI High-Speed Disk Chopper (Bill McHargue, ORNL)

Design and Production of a 2.4 Square Meter Neutron Detector as a Demonstrator of B10 Layer Technology for Neutron Sca

Design, Installation and Commissioning of the Larmor Postsample Air Bearing Rotation System (Nick Webb, ISIS)

Developments and Modifications of DNS and KWS 3 (R. Hanslik, ZEA-1)

Electronic Work Flow Processing for Instrument Modifications (David H. Vandergriff, ORNL)

EMI Shielding, the Zone Concept (Guido Vehres, JCNS-1)

ESS Current Status (Robert Connaster, ESS)

Evaluation, Modularity and Integration of a Motion Control System for the European Spallation Source ESS (Thomas Gahl, ESS

Future Developments in Neutron Scattering Instruments at ORNL (David Anderson, ORNL)

He3 Glass Cells for Polarisation (Knuth Dahlhoff, P. Pistel, ZEA-1)

HTS (High Temperature Superconducting) Magnets in Neutron Science (Lazic Zvonko, ESS)

Instrument use of Epoxy Floors at the NCNR (Mike Murbach, NIST)

Juelich Neutron Choppers – Capabilities and Opportunities (M.Butzek, ZEA-1)

Neutron Spin Echo Sample Environments – Current and Future (Malcolm Cochran, JCNS)

New Distribution of Beam Positions at FRM II New Design and Change of Beam Tubes (Elbio Calzada, FRM II)

Piezo Driven Beam-Slits to use in High Magnetic field (Peter Keller, PSI)

The Chromatic Analysis Neutron Diffractometer or Reflectometer CANDOR (Nancy Hadad, NIST)

Chopper Design Process at ZEA-1 (Stephan Schönen, ZEA-1)

Chopper Systems at ESS, Developments and Adaptations for a Long Pulse World (Iain Sutton, ESS)